Our 2023 season at Gurston Down concluded with a great weekend of hill climbing.

The 2023 Turbo Dynamics Championship was finally concluded after some stunning performances by so many drivers. We thank Turbo Dynamics for their continued support of our championship in 2023.

We are pleased to announce that Steve Butts in his Lotus Elise is the 2023 Turbo Dynamics Gurston Down Champion.

Steve Butts driving the Lotus Elise has had an outstanding season and he becomes the first driver to manage a fourth championship

Second was Adrian Lewis in the Westfield. Adrian has scored consistently throughout the season, but needed to get slightly closer to the class’s target time. But there is always next season!

Third was Russel Davies in the Honda Civic Type R. He and his fellow class member, Daniel Friel, who ended up fourth overall, were chasing each other hard all season. A great performance by them both.

Full Overall Championship Results can be found here:

The Turbo Dynamics Gurston Down Championship SEASON RESULTS