GREAT NEWS – Entry Fees Held at Gurston Down for 2020

As you are no doubt aware Motorsports UK have significantly increased the cost of your MSUK Licence. MSUK have additionally increased Event Licence costs.

Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb are pleased to announce that our entry fees for the 2020 season will not be increasing. We will be absorbing the Event Licence increases rather than passing them on to our drivers.

Marshall of the Year 2019 – Kevin Morgan

We are pleased to formally announce the 2019 Marshall of the Year is Kevin Morgan. Here he is at our Annual Awards Dinner last weekend.

Kevin won the award after the secret ballot of all of the Marshalls at Gurtson Down. Drivers will recognise Kevin as one of the regular team at start-line.

Congratulations to Kevin!


Anthony Record – Press Officer Gusrton Down Speed Hill Climb