Become a Team Player at Gurston Down
The Gurston Hillclimb Marshalling Team performs a vital role in ensuring that our events run safely and smoothly.

There are Marshals on the track who are trained in a number of roles:
• Incident Handling
• Fire
• Use of Flags, to keep the track safe
• Communications throughout the Venue
• First Aid

There are also Marshals who look after:
• The Paddock Areas, to ensure that Competitors come out for their runs in the correct order and at the proper time
• The Start Line, to accurately position the cars at the start of each run in order to engage the electronic timing system

Marshals liaise with Professionals who include Senior Officials, Timekeepers and Results Teams, Scrutineers, Doctors and Rescue Teams.

Marshals are part of a team and enjoy benefits such as:
• Free entry to the Venue
• Effective and Hands-On Training
• Opportunities to marshal at other motor race events
• The chance to make many new friends
• Close involvement with the action, and great satisfaction from being part of a disciplined and closely knit team

Marshal of the Year 2021 – Doug White
Each year, the Marshals nominate one of the team as “Marshal of the Year” by secret ballot.

Votes for each contender reflect such attributes as team spirit, commitment and outstanding marshalling.

The winner is rewarded by the presentation of a Trophy at the Annual Dinner in November.

Our winner for 2021 was Doug White – one of our most committed marshals, he probably travels the furthest each weekend to look after the Finish Line area.

Marshals are covered by Insurance
Whilst officiating at MSA approved events, all signed-on marshals and officials are protected by Insurance. For details of the cover, please click here.

Trauma Counselling for Marshals and Officials
The BARC have also contracted with a professional Counselling Service in order to assist marshals
or officials who suffer emotional trauma as a result of being involved in a Motor Racing accident. For details of this free yet professional service, please click here.

Want to know more?
Contact any of our Marshals, or phone our Chief Marshal David Patrick on

You can also find out about the many roles and opportunities available to Marshals here:

We would like you to join our Team !

The Definitive GIT List

In order to acquire one of the highly sought-after GIT badges, it is first necessary to be elected as a member of the Gurston Incident Team.
Membership cannot be purchased; it is awarded to new GITS after agreement by a conclave of existing GIT members, and membership will be marked by the allocation of a GIT name, and the awarding of a GIT badge. New members have no say in what their GIT name will be, as this name is also decided by the conclave.

There are two categories of membership, Proper GITS and Honorary GITS. Once elected, membership is for life, and is free of charge.

It is expected that members will wear their GIT badge at all events where they are mingling with other marshals, and will seek to enhance the reputation of Gurston and its famous GITS.

Proper Gits : arranged alphabetically by first name, and paired-up where necessary

Adrian Couzens – Fuzz Git }
Kirsten Couzens – Dopey Git }

Alan Osgood – Grumpy Old Git
Alistair Munro – Bouffant Git

Andrew Johns – Lecherous Git

Andrew West – Fat Git }
Maggie West – Blind Git }

Anthony Rudgley – Rally Git

Brian Chant – Moulinex Git }
Patricia (Pat) Chant – S.A.S. Git }
Jeremiah Bartholomew Chant (o.k.a. “Jonny Bear”) – JB Git

Daniel Wimbleton – Premature Git

Darrin Worth – Sinex Git
David Eardley – Charisma Git
David Wickham – Anorak Git
Debbie Fenemore – Sugar Ray Git
Fred Reeves – Mature Git
Ian Harrison (Harry) – MFI Git
Joanne Bush – Quickie Git
John Beard – Santa Git
John Huttly – Uncle Albert Git

Julie Eastwood – Scammel Git }
Richard Eastwood – Sarky Git }

Julliet Rudgley – Treasure Git
Karen Munro – Crystal Git
Keith Belbin – Fringe Git
Kevin Putnam – Monkey Git
Lenny Harris – Oakey Cokey Git
Mary O’Brien – Mouthy Git
Merrie Newham – Pikie Git
Michael Devine – Liza Git
Michael Mattison – Slapper Git
Michael Moulder – Boomerang Git
Pete Penycate – Seismic Git
Rebecca Crocombe – Cant Remember Git
Robert Firth – Radar Git
Roger Allnutt – Legless Git
Roger Morris – Tech-No Git
Ron Fields – Midget Git
Sarah Howard – Hedge Git
Simon Piercey – Yoda Git
Stan Hunt – Veteran Git
Stanley Rudgley – Cuddly Git
Stephen Holder – Noddy Git
Steve Davis – Elvis Git
Steve Handley – Which-Way Git
Stu Hill – Barbie Git
Terry Williamson – Twinkle Git
Tony Rodgers – Duracell Git
Tony Woollett – Milky Bar Git
Vicki Devine – Sticky Git
William Rudgley – Sonic Git

Honorary Gits : arranged alphabetically by first name, and paired-up where necessary

Andrew Hext – Captain Git
Chris Cannell – Scarecrow Git
Dee Hardy – Not 69 Git
Dee Stapley – Empty Git
Doug Auld – Tourettes Git
Duncan Barnes – Flymo Git

Jane Harratt – Mother Git }
Simon Harratt – Professor Git }
Melissa Harratt – Smashing Git }

Jerry Sturman – Oral Git
Mike Reed – Waffle Git
Paul Webster – A.O.T. Git
Pauline Masters – Hinge Git
Roger Cock – Jabba the Hut Git
Sarah Brodie – Bracket Git