What a Weekend

Simon Purcell, Chairman of BARC SW, and the club’s committee would like to thank everyone involved in a fantastic weekend’s hill climbing.
We would like to thank all the J Hitchings Partnership, marshalls, back off staff, scrutineers, commentary team,, timekeepers, race control, catering, Rich and Eleanor for the amazing live stream, the drivers, and all those people that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make our events happen.
All four of the Top Twelve Run-Offs were spectacular in many ways. But the long-standing hill record dating back to 2014 was beaten by Wallace Menzies, the current British Hill Climb Champion, in his Gould GR59 Cosworth. The record now stands at 25.34s. Congratulations Wallace.
If you would like to see all of the weekend’s streaming video of the timed runs, please following the following link. You will see all the timed runs and the runoffs too.

Saturday’s Timed Runs

Sunday’s Timed Runs

Thank you to Rich and Eleanor for putting all this together on such very, very short notice.
Anthony Record – Press Officer – BARC SW Centre

Mask Guidance May Weekend at Gurston Down

We have updated our Mask Wearing Policy in accordance with the appropriate guidance.

We would ask you to follow the following guidance:

Paddocks – if able to maintain a safe distance then masks will be purely advisory. If people cannot distance at 2mtrs or choose to ‘mingle’ within a 2mtr distance then masks will be required
Assembly area and startline will require masks due to close proximity and cars. This will apply to Marshalls and any mechanics/helpers.
As normal anybody entering the restaurant or office will be required to wear a mask.

Thank you



CHANGE OF DATE – The Tony Marsh Memorial Weekend NOW JULY

The Tony Marsh Memorial Weekend has changed. It was originally planned for the June meetings but at the request of the Marsh family, it has been permanently moved to the July weekend events.

Anthony Record – BARC SW Press Officer


May 2021 Paddock Plan has now been issued, please make sure you are aware of your space before arrival.

May 2021 Paddock Plan


Camping: Camping is £10 per campervan or tent, for the weekend. All of the camping money is given to Broad Chalke village to fund local projects. Please make sure you have £10 in cash with you.

You are NOT permitted to arrive on Friday 28th May BEFORE NOON. There is essential paddock cleaning and maintenance going on in the morning.

On arrival, please make sure you follow the camping field plan and park in an orderly manner. This is for fire safety reasons and making sure we can get as many camper vans into the camping field as possible.

Please make sure your trailers are parked appropriately in the trailer park.