BARC South West Centre Annual General Meeting

The 2024 Annual General Meeting of BARC South West Centre will be held on the 4th June 2024. This is a BARC South West members meeting.

The meeting will take place at Gurston Down in the restaurant. Time and Agenda to be confirmed later.

Notice of the meeting is deemed to have been given.



Due to the continuing inclement weather, you will be unable to spectate at our Test Day this weekend. The car park field is out of action meaning we will NOT be able to accommodate any spectators, sorry.

Test Day is a closed event to spectators.



Due to the continuing inclement weather, you will be unable to Camp or Park your Tow Car and Trailer in the normally designated Field, as it is out of action.
Therefore upon entry to the Farm Yard, please wait to be directed to a suitable hard standing.
We aim to get as many competitors and trailers in the main paddock as we can so we ask you to park with consideration, thereby not blocking routes needed for the event.
You may well have to unhitch Tow cars and Trailers to ensure good usage of available space.
Breakfast will be available in the Restaurant from 0800 hours on Sunday and a lunch time service only.




Gurston Down Championship Sponsorship – Turbo Dynamics


We are excited to announce that Turbo Dynamics have renewed their sponsorship of Gurston Down’s Championship. The championship will be known as the Turbo Dynamics Gurston Down Championship and runs alongside the Online Cleaning Technologies BARC SW Top Ten Challenge.

Turbo Dynamics has a long association with Gurston Down. Peter Marsh, Turbo Dynamics MD, is the son of Tony Marsh who was instrumental is the design and creation of Gurston Down in 1967.


Gurston Down Top Ten Challenge Sponsorship – Online Cleaning Technologies

We are very pleased to announce that Online Cleaning Technologies have renewed their sponsorship of Gurston Down’s Top Ten Challenge. The challenge will be known as the Online Cleaning Technologies BARC SW Top Ten Challenge and will run alongside the Turbo Dynamics Championship.

Steve Holland, Online Cleaning Technologies MD, said that “We are very proud to associate ourselves with Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb and very happy to renew our Top Ten Challenge sponsorship.”

Those of you who were following us here at Gurston Down in 2023 will know that Steve won the Top Ten Challenge on the very last run of event. We are sure that Steve will be looking to retain his title.