We are making some changes to our Championship classes and adding new classes. Here’s a summary, there will be more information once the details are finalised:

Road Cars MX5 Class – MK3 or NC Mazda MX5s will be included in this class. All 1.8 and 2.0 litre MK3s will be permitted. MK3s will be required to run on list 1A tyres and have no modification to their inlet and exhaust manifolds. Forced induction is not permitted as are modifications and remaps to the ECU.

The Over 2000cc Road Car Class – This class will be split into two, separating the four-wheel drive cars from the two-wheel drive cars.

We will be introducing two classes:

Standard Road Cars Class – This class will be in accordance with the MSUK Blue Book regulations, subject to some additional safety requirements.

Rally Car Class – This class will be for Rally Cars.

Fuller details will be published once these have been formally agreed.