Our 2022 season at Gurston Down concluded with a great weekend’s hill climbing.

The 2022 Turbo Dynamics Championship was finally concluded after some stunning performances by many drivers.

We are pleased to announce that Clive Stangle is the 2022 Turbo Dynamics Gurston Down Champion.

Clive Stangle driving the Mitsubishi Evo, he shares with his wife Jennie, had an outstanding season with an almost perfect score in every round.

Second, was Stephen Wareham in his Mini. Stephen had a great season with perfect scores in every round he entered. He also reset the Road Cars up to 1400cc car class record on multiple occasions. Stephen scored 154 points, the same as Clive, which lead to the championship tie-break rules coming into effect. This ultimately meant Clive became the champion.

Third was Ben Bonfield, who was also second in the Top Ten Challenge and had a super season. Ben’s performances in the 998cc Jedi Mk4, were great to watch, always exciting and looking like they were “on the edge”.

The Overall Championship Results can be found here:

2022 Turbo Dynamics Gurston Down Championship – OVERALL