The 2022 Turbo Dynamics Gurston Down Championship will be decided at the August meetings.

The two likely champions are Stephen Wareham and Clive Stangle. Both have had outstanding performances this year in their classes. They have consistently beaten their respect class target times in every event entered. Additionally, Stephen has lowered his own class record at almost every event.

If Clive and Stephen score in the same manner as they have done at previous events, then we would expect the tie-break rules to come into play.

The first tie-break to be applied would be “a) The competitor with the higher number of scoring rounds wins”. Clive would become champion.

With double points on both timed runs on Sunday you cannot discount other drivers. Ben Bonfield or Chris Burch are both still in with a chance but they need some really great performances and errors or issues for Clive and Stephen to jump to the top of the championship leader-board.

It looks like the August Sunday timed runs will decide the Turbo Dynamics Championship.