The online signing on and scrutineering emails have been sent out for both Saturday and Sunday. If you are entered both days, please make sure you have completed both days signing on forms. Please make sure you add your two helper or assistants as these can not be changed once you have submitted the signing on form.

The email includes details of entries, batches, competitor numbers and, paddock spaces. Please make sure you have checked these details.

There will be further announcements later this week with your first Competitor Bulletin (aka Final Instructions) and any other announcements as required. These will be made available on the Event Dashboards for each day.

Saturday 16th April – Entries, Numbers and Paddock Spaces

Sunday 17th April – Entries, Numbers and Paddock Spaces


Saturday 16th April – Event Dashboard

Sunday 17th April – Event Dashboard

If you, as a Competitor, have any queries or questions about the April meetings, please contact our Competition Secretary, Nick Revels.