We are pleased to formally announce that Turbo Dynamics is our Championship, Challenge and Hill Sponsor for 2021.

Peter Marsh, Turbo Dynamics Managing Director, said:

I am very happy and excited that Turbo Dynamics was invited to become the Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb and Championship sponsor for 2021.

“The Marsh family has had a long standing and close relationship with Gurston Down since my late father, Tony Marsh, helped design the course in 1965, won the very first official event in 1967 and continued to compete on it until 2007. Over the years, myself and my brother Simon have regularly competed and held records on this fast and challenging course, we have also recently seen the next Marsh generation jumping into the driver’s seat keeping the family tradition going.”

Turbo Dynamics is an independent, family owned business, established in 1991 by founder and Managing Director Peter Marsh. The company fast become renowned worldwide for its quality products, research and development and vast catalogue of performance hybrid turbos for use in both motorsport and everyday road cars. Today Turbo Dynamics still has the largest catalogue of hybrid turbos in the world, all developed in house.

Motorsport and performance hybrid turbos aside, Turbo Dynamics made a name for themselves with their turbocharger servicing and repairs. A refurbished turbo leaves the factory as good as, or better than when it was new due to the incredibly accurate machining and balancing equipment that has been heavily invested in. Not only has this saved many customers a lot of large bills on new replacement turbos but is also an environmentally friendly process which recycles most of the original turbo.

“Not only is Gurston Down my most local Hill Climb but it is fast and challenging. I consider it the best Hill Climb event on the racing calendar as well as being one of the friendliest. The course is unusual in that it starts off downhill, one of the elements that make it rather unique. Growing up around racing cars and having a father who was competing in both Hill Climbs and F1, it’s no wonder I started leaning towards becoming an adrenalin junky! Whilst he was busy achieving two separate hat-tricks of British Hill Climb Championships with a decade of retirement separating them, I was, from a young age interested in the engineering aspects of motorsport; with many an hour in his garage, watching and learning from him, it was only natural that I found my own way into the precision engineering world of Turbocharger technology”

“My brother Simon and I love competing together and sharing the same car is always interesting as we are very evenly matched despite different driving styles, twice now we have achieved identical times at Gurston to the thousandth of a second!”

BARC South West Centre is exciting that the Peter has extended his family’s association with our hill and we look forward to working with Peter and Turbo Dynamics going forward.