With a number of other hills and clubs making announcements about running events in July, August and further in the future, BARC South West would like to update you on our progress in respect of the August and September meetings.

We have been analysing the Motorsport UK’s requirements published last month. Our primary concern with regard to these regulations is safety. That’s not just of our competitors but all the people involved in our events.

We are working on the requirements, as well as reviewing how other clubs are implementing these requirements and how they are organising their meetings.

As many of you know, we have a limited paddock area. The current regulations would only allow us to accommodate approximately 70 cars and no spectators. This makes the August and September meetings financially difficult. We are hoping for changes to be made after the next government announcement at the end of June / early July to enable us to run these meetings as planned.

On top of this, we are unable to run meetings after the second week of September because of our lease of the hill.

In order to reduce our costs, we have withdrawn our online entry system for both of the August and September meetings. At this time we would prefer not to accept entries to avoid additional costs.

Once we have solutions to all of these requirements, as they stand today, to run an event we will allow entries to be taken online again.

More updates as soon as we have them.