The final event of the year at Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb takes place on Sunday 8th September with two more rounds of the Meadens Skoda Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb Championship and the final round of the Cavendish Ships Stores BARC SW Top Ten Challenge. There is a full entry for Sunday’s event which should result in a full day of exciting and entertaining action.

Over 110 cars and drivers will compete in standard road cars, classic and modern cars and amazingly fast sport and single seat racing cars. All of them will pit their wits against the fast and twisty course at Wiltshire’s famous Speed Hill Climb Venue and each other to score valuable championship points.

Spectators have unrivalled access to the hill, paddock and facilities. The excellent catering and refreshments are available on site too.

You really can’t get closer to the action!

The overall Meadens Skoda Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb Championship was decided at the July meeting. Mark Crookall in his Mazda MX5 RS took the overall championship and the Mazda MX5 class championship with some amazing performances at the July meeting.

The next four places in the championship are not finalised. Each of the drivers could change positions within the top five. Jason Richardson (Mazda MX5 RS), Tim Pitfield (DJ Firecat), Shaun Fudge (Subaru Impreza) and Steve Holland (Caterham) will all be looking for maximum points on Sunday.

Chris Cannell in the Force SR8 secured the Cavendish Ships Stores BARC SW Top Ten Challenge after the July meeting. His minimum score is 46 points (maximum 48 points) and second place is Steve Holland (Caterham) maximum is 41 points (minimum 37 points) and third place man Pete Hammock (Empire Wraith) maximum is 40 points (minimum 30 points). Second place will be decided at the meeting! Who will it be?

Our September meeting hosts a number of invited championships and classes. These championships are the Triumph Register Cars, MG Cars and the Austin Healeys. Time of the Day will win The Russell Challenge Trophy, who will that be?

Preview in detail:

The Triumph Register Class

The Triumph Register always bring a huge class of classic British cars. There are TR4As, TR6s, TR7s and a rather lovely Dolomite Sprint amongst others. The fastest cars in this class are usually the TR7 V8s. Roderick Warner in his TR7 V8 has Gurston experience and has won here more than a few times. If fact in both 2017 and 2018! He will be the man to beat. You can’t discount Dale Huxford in the Spitfire, who was second last year. Look out Steve Small in his V8. You simply can’t ignore any of the car and driver combinations in this class.

The MG Class

There are thirteen cars and driver combinations running in this class. Ben Rolls in his Sprite must start favourite as he has won this class for the past two years. But you have to look out for the other members of this class as they might just pip Ben to the post.

The Austin Healey Class – Big Healey and Warwick Cars Class

There are just five cars in the Big Healey and Warwick cars class entered. With Paul Baker and Pat Cooper will have to look out for John Tewson. John won last years event by just one hundredth of a second. Just like many of today’s invited classes, you can’t really ignore of the any other drivers here either.

The Austin Healey Class – Austin Healey Sprite Class

The Austin Healey Sprite Class has six drivers entered. Last years winner, Joe Mackrill, isn’t amongst the entrants so the favourite has to be Colin Gale, who was pipped to victory last season by just 0.50s.

The Isle of Wight Car Club

With the superfast Mitsubishi Evo 5 of Jennie and Clive Stangle entered in this class. They both have very good Gurston experience so it will be interesting to see who actually takes the win. Will be Jennie or Clive?

Regular Gurston Classes

The Gurston Down MX5 Class supported by the Window Doctor

The 2017, 2018 and 2019 Meadens Skoda Gurston Down Champion, Mark Crookall, returns to the hill in his Mazda Roadster RS. He is having a really great season, breaking records and winning the Tony Marsh Memorial Trophy at the June meeting. Jason Richardson in another RS has also had a great season with stunning performances and looks like he might get second in the overall championship. Mark is the current record holder, it stands at 39.13s. Will Jason steal the record back?

Road Going Series Production Class up to 1400cc Class

There are just two entrants in this class. John Davey, Managing Director of our Top Ten Challenge sponsor, Cavendish Ships Stores and David Nutland in his Mini. David holds the class record at 40.55s. It will be interesting to see how this class ends the season?

Road Going Series Production Class up to 2000cc, supported by Record-Designs

The class championship is currently lead by the class record holder, Miles Horne in his Peugeot 306. He is having a great season. Miles, Dean Cubitt in the Mazda MX5 and Tim Forster in his Lotus Elan are the likely top three in this class. But watch out, Rob Brodie in his Renault Clio and the Honda Civic shared by Chris and Russell Davies have been improving all season. David Bellamy in the Peugeot 106 might spice up the class too!

Over 2000cc Road Going Series Production Class, supported by Turbo Dynamics

Shaun Fudge is in a strong position in the class championship but hasn’t entered in September, leaving his wife Sarah as one of the top two contenders along with Mike Rudge in the Focus RS. It will be interesting to see how this class goes?

Road Going Specialist Production Class, supported by Fieldfare Trailer Centre

With a few of this classes regular competitors and winners missing from the class. It will be interesting to see how that affects the result. Will it be Nick Morgan in the Lotus Elise or Bruce Bosley in the Caterham? These two are the fastest two by previous times. Looks like this class will be determined by performance on the day.

The Modified Limited Production Marque Sports Cars up to 2000cc Class

Simon Purcell runs in this class on his own in the Lotus Exige. Sadly he is likely to be amalgamated with the over 2000cc class. That will make it a really tough class for Simon.

The Modified Limited Production Marque Sports Cars over 2000cc Class

Graham Beale in the Ginetta G33 runs on his own in this class. Although the class amalgamation might well make it a great class to watch. Graham and the G33 will have a tough run against Simon Purcell in the Lotus.

The up to 1400cc Modified Series Production Car Class

Neil Turner, broke his own class record again in August, so he has to start favourite. He needs two good point scoring rounds to take the class championship position. Derek Mullis, James and Derek White along with David Bean will make sure he works for the win because they are require points too.

Over 2000cc Modified Series Production Car Class, supported by Meadens Skoda

Jim Herbert in the Mitsubishi Evo has a small class of just three cars. The Renault 21 turbo of Hillyar and Mark Walker in his Porsche Cayman S will be looking to keep Jim and maybe just snatch the win.

The Modified Specialist Production Class, supported Gates of Brockenhurst

Richie Gatt in his Westfield has to start favourite in this class. Nigel Holt in the Caterham 310R which he first drove at the August meeting and the other 310R driven by Simon Cassey and Neil Robinson will all be looking to make sure he works for the win and snatching the second place.

The Historically Interesting Class, supported by Kelvin Jouhar

There are just two lovely cars in this class. Mike Broome in the Alexis MK17 F3 and Jeremy Smithson in the Lotus Elan. On previous experience, Mike will probably win.

The Sports Libre up to 1400cc Class

This class has a great entry. Tim Pitfield in the DJ Firecat is have a great season. Peter Steel in his Radical SR1 Gen 2 are likely to be the top two. Tim unofficially broke the up to 1400cc record at the August meeting but the differences in class between Gurston and National regulations, means technically it doesn’t count. But it is very much a statement of intent!

The Sports Libre 1400cc to 2000cc Class, supported by Lewis Property Services

Steven Wells run his SEWC SubZero on his own in this class.

Sports Libre over 2000cc Class

Chris Cannell and Sue Hayes run the Force SR8 in this class. Chris will be looking for fast time so he can add to his Top Ten Challenge points and make sure of his Challenge win.

The 601cc to 1100cc Racing Car Class, supported by Drynham Project Management

This should be a class dominated by the two Empire Evo’s entered by Tony Levett and James Moore. The winner of past performance should be James Moore.

The Formula Ford Class- Cars up to 1600cc

There is just one entrant in this class, David Matthews in his Zeus 163.

1101cc to 1600cc Racing Car Class

Mike Lee and Pete Hammock are the two entrants in this class. Mike driving an OMS 3000M and Pete in the lovely Empire Wraith. This class should belong to Pete, he has been improving all season in the new car.

The 1601cc to 2000cc Racing Car Class – Normally Aspirated

Roger Cock runs alone in this class in his Pilbeam MP54.


The Championship Finale will be a decider for the Top Ten Challenge and most of the Gurston Down Championship Class titles. It will be a specular day!

Why not come and join us?


Key info
Location: 1 mile west of Broad Chalke, 9 miles SW of Salisbury, Wiltshire. Turn off the A354 at Coombe Bissett on the unclassified road to Broad Chalke, follow AA signs.
Dates: Sunday September 8th
Times: Competition from approx. 1300, practice from 0830 both days.
Admission: £10 for adults each day, accompanied under 15s free, free paddock entry, free parking.


Anthony Record – Press Officer BARC SW Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb