There were four rounds of the Meadens Skoda Gurston Down Championship and two rounds of Cavendish Ships Stores Top Ten Challenge the Challenger over the weekend of 20th and 21st July 2019. These rounds may have decided the 2019 overall championship but some of the class championships are yet to be decided. More on the championship in a later report.

A damp start on Saturday lead to a few off at Karousel, which could only be described as a little difficult!

Invited Classes:

The Sevenoaks and District Car Club Speed Championship Class

There was s good entry both days in this class. Dave Rayner in his Caterham S-Sport won both days, lowering the class record both days. Saturday’s 38.40s record breaking run was surpassed on Sunday with a 38.03s.

Bugatti Owners Club Henney’s Cider Classic Speed Championship Class

This class only ran on Saturday. Phil Fisher in his Mallock MK11 lead the way after the first timed run by a margin of over one second. Simon Braithwaite in the Ford Escort Mk1 second timed run managed a 37.98s run but by then Phil had already put in a 37.87s run. A wide ranage of cars competing in this class with all 15 runners covered by just seven seconds. Simon was second and Gurston experience paid off for Mike Broome in the Alexis Mk17 F3 who finished third.

Historic Rally Car Register Speed Championship Class

This class just ran on Sunday. The Lotus Elan shared by Peter Lythell and Guy Brooker were first and second in this class. Peter’s time was 39.99s and Guy’s 40.95s. Another Lotus was third, Paul Boscott in his +2, his time 41.89s.

Downton Motor Club Class

The small entry in this class both days was dominated by the Locost of Andrew Mathis. His power to weight ratio paid dividends. Stuart Lugger in his Mini Cooper was second. Interestingly, Steve Harris and John Davies competed in a Mini Cooper S that was at our first meeting in 1967. It didn’t quite go to plan with a bonnet flying up during one of their runs.

Westfield Sports Car Club Speed Championship Class

The great entry in this class both days saw two wins and the long standing class record broken on Sunday by Adam Phelps with the Megabusa, he shares with Charlotte. He reset the record which now stands at 31.48s. On Saturday, Keith Adams was second and Charlotte third. On Sunday second and third swapped places with Charlotte taking second.

The Regular Gurston Down Regular Classes:

The Gurston Down Mazda MX5 Class, supported by The Window Doctor:

This was an important weekend for two of the runners in this class. Mark Crookall in his MK2 RS and Jason Richardson in his MK2.5 RS were leading the championship at the beginning of the meeting and every point would count. Saturday was Mark Crookall’s day, his pushed Jason into second after a 39.33s first timed run. Jason missed a gear and that lead to a 40.31s run. Jason never gives up but couldn’t match Mark’s time. He imprived significantly finishing on 39.80s.

Sunday saw a tie between Jason and Mark. Jason was ahead with a 39.60s first timed run with Mark on 39.86s. Jason didn’t improve his time but his second timed run was 39.63s and Mark managed a 39.60s. Under the rules, where there is a tie, the best average time takes the win, meaning Jason took the win on Sunday.

The Road Going Series Production Class up to 1400cc Class

John Davey, Managing Director of Cavendish Ships Stores, our Top Ten Challenge sponsor has a great Saturday. Taking the win in both rounds of the championship and the overall class win on the day.

Sunday wasn’t John’s day. David Nutland in his BMC Mini took the win and reset the class record to 40.55s

The Road Going Series Production Class 1401cc to 2000cc Class, supported by Record-Designs

Saturday saw Miles Horne in the record holding Peugeot 306 take the win. He was just under a second quicker than Tim Forster in the Lotus Elan and Dean Cubitt in the Mazda MX5. Miles’ time was 37.52s, Tim’s 38.48s and Dean’s 38.50s.

Sunday saw Dean Cubitt ahead on Miles after the first timed run, but only by0.01s. A personal best for Dean at 37.30s. Miles had it all to do and put a great run, just 0.04s off the class record. His time was 37.08s. Interestingly, the Honda Civic of Christopher Davies was third, just one hundredth ahead of Tim Forster. They finished on 38.58s and 38.59s respectively.

The Over 2000cc Road Going Series Production Class supported by Turbo Dynamics

Saturday saw Stephen Moore in his Mitsubishi Evo 6 RS take the class win. Clive Stangle in the Mitsubishi Evo 5 he shares with his wife Jennie, took second. But after the first timed run Clive was ahead. Stephen’s second run was a 33.55s. Clive finished on 34.18s and Jennie was third with a 35.89s

Stephen switched classes on Sunday. Clive and Jennie took first and second on 34.06s and 35.50s respectively. Mike Rudge in the Ford Focus RS third on 36.21s.

Road Going Specialist Production Class supported by Fieldfare Trailer Centre

Saturday saw Bruce Bosley in his Caterham Supersport take the class win with a 39.69s first timed run. Nigel Holt in his Caterham Acadamy car was second on 40.75s.

Sunday saw Adrian Lewis in the Westfield Superbusa. He took control of the class and dominated it from the outset. He finished on 32.92s with Bruce Bosley second on 39.42s.

The Modified Limited Production Marque Sports Cars

Simon Purcell’s up to 2000cc class was merged with the over 2000cc class. Phil Price in the Porsche 930RS was last after the first timed run. Graham Beale in the Ginetta G33 was ahead. But the 500plus HP Porsche improved dramatically and finished on 34.36s, with Graham second on 35.45s. Sunday was a repaet of Saturday but everyone was quicker. Phil won on 33.42s and Graham second on 34.94s.

The Modified Series Production Car up to 1400cc Class

The all Mini line-up in this class both days saw James White in his Mini take the wins. Saturday’s time was 36.34s and Sunday’s 34.36s.

The Modified Series Production Car 1401cc to 2000cc Class

The Peugeot 306 with Colin Satchell had an outstanding weekend. Dominating the class all weekend. Neil Brogden in his 205 was second. Colin’s time were 34.43s and 33.90s on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Neil’s times were 38.82s and 38.68s.

The Modified Series Production Car Over 2000cc Class

Saturday saw Jim Herbert in his Mitsubishi Evo 5 take the class win over Mark Walker in the Porsche Cayman S with Tim Painter in the lovely Aston Martin Vantage, he shares with Andrew Fraser, third. Jim’s time was 33.66s, Mark’s 35.10 and Tim’s 35.24s.

Sunday saw Jim win again finishing on 33.54s with Stephen Moore just 0.25s behind on 33.79s. Andrew Fraser in the Aston, had a great afternoon, finishing on 36.33s.

The Modified Specialist Production Class, supported by Gates of Brokenhurst

Steve Holland in the Caterham Hayabusa was the current overall leader of the Cavendish Ships Stores Top Ten Challenge at the beginning of the meeting and his great times and class wins haven’t harmed this. He finished on 32.11s and 31.27s.

The Historically Interesting Class, supported by Kelvin Jouhar

Ginetta G12 of James and David Tearle in James’s hands won Saturday’s class with Christopher Bentley-Jones in the lovely Brabham BT35 second. James’s time was35.39s and Christopher 35.95s.

On Sunday Robin Johnson in his Tiga SF83 won the class with Mike Broome in his Alexis Mk17 F3 second. Robin’s winning time was 35.96s.

The Sports Libre Cars up to 1400cc Class

Saturday saw Tim Pitfield take the class win with a 32.58s. And on Sunday Tim Pitfield won again but this time he was so consistent matching his timed runs with 32.72s.

The Sports Libre Cars Classes over 1401cc were amalgamated.

The Force SR8 shared by Chris Cannell and Sue Hayes in Chris’s hands won this class. Chris’s time of 30.93s also helped with his Cavendish Ships Store Top Ten Challenge points. Sunday was another great day for Chris, not only did he win the class but he also collected the Fastest Time of the Day.

500 Owners Association Speed Championship / 2001 Rules

James Forsyth brought the family Alfa Dana back to the hill. On Saturday there was a good entry and James dominated the class with a 44.22s run. On Sunday James was on his own but improved his time signicicantly to 42.24s.

The 601cc to 1100cc Racing Car Class, supported by Drynham Project Management Limited

James Moore in the Empire Evo had a great weekend with class wins both days. He was a little faster on Sunday. Saturday’s time was 31.80s and Sunday 31.32s.

Formula Ford Race Cars up to 1600cc Class

The current record holder, Shaun Macklin in his Swift SC92 looked like the win on Saturday was going to elude him. After the first timed run he was fourth. But improved his time by about 1.5s and ended with a 36.73s. His nearest rival, Russell Haynes and his Zeus ZR163 ended on 37.34s. Paul Morcom and the Merlyn Mk11A was third just 0.09s behind Russell on 37.43s. The next two Simon Andrews and Samantha Lester both in Van Diemens were just 0.18s and 0.20s behind Paul respectively.

On Sunday Shaun’s first timed run was the only completed run. However, the time of 36.05s won the class. Simon Andrews was second, Russell Haynes third and Paul Morcon fourth on 36.68s, 36.74s and 37.38s respectively.

Racing Cars up to 2000cc Classes were Amalgamated

Paul Haimes and the lovely Race Parts Gould GR59 lead the class after the first timed run, finishing on 27.68s. The second timed run didn’t quite go to plan however the first run was good enough for the class win and Fastest Time of the Day. Tony Wiltshire in the Ralt RT34 was second but also had an issue on the second timed run. Tony finished on 30.76s

On Sunday Pete Hammock in the Empire Wraith won the class with a 31.45s, beating Ian Tucker into second. Ian finished the second timed run on 31.88s which was an improvement of over one second on his first run.

Anthony Record – Press Officer – BARC SW, Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb