The overall leaders table in the Meadens Skoda Gurston Down Championship is starting to get interesting. There is a chance that the championship is decided at the July meetings with it’s four rounds.. However, the overall table might suggest it could go all the way until the September meeting!

Mark Crookall in the Mazda MX5 is back on-top after some great performances in June but he won’t be given any quarter by the other five in the top six!

Jason Richardson in his Mazda MX5 is second. His performances have been great too.

Equal third are Shaun Fudge in the Lewis Dean Subaru Impreza and Tim Pitfield in the DJ Firecat. They are both having great seasons with Shaun having very consistant performances.

Tim pushing the class record back and hence beating the target times, has given him extra points and pushed him properly in contention.

But there equal fifth, just one point behind are Steve Holland in the Caterham, who currently leads the Cavendish Ships Stores Top Ten Challenge and Murray Wakeham in the OMS CF96.

There are so many drivers who are within a few points of the championship top three, July’s meetings might well give us more clarity on who’ll be champion!

The Overall Table looks like this:

Driver / Class


Mark Crookall – Mazda MX5


Jason Richardson – Mazda MX5


Shaun Fudge – Subaru Impreza


Tim Pitfield – DJ Firecat


Steve Holland – Caterham


Murray Wakeham – OMS CF96


Class Championships

Most of the class championships are wide open too. There is more information on the individual and class standings on the website



Anthony Record – Press Officer Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb