Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June saw the second and third visits of the Auto Cycle Union’s (ACU) National Hill Climb Championship.

For the spectators who braved the Saturday weather might have noticed some TV cameras and an interesting motorbike built for the TV Show Goblin Works Garage by it’s presentor Ant Partridge. The Ducati Scrambler will feature in the Quest TV show later in the summer together with some footage from the Saturday event. We have a few pictures on an album on our Facebook page. Ant had a great time, arriving on Friday but after walking the hill and meeting Gurston officials and all the bikers in the afternoon, decided to stay over-night at Gurston rather than coming back on Saturday after a hotel stay.

The weather was tough for those on four wheels let alone those on two and three wheels!

Solo Motor Cycles 100cc to 250cc class

Pauline Ford on a Honda had the class to herself on Saturday and finished on 52.27s.

Solo Motor Cycles 251cc to 350cc class

Saturday saw four bikes and riders, Richard Peaty on a 349cc KTM had a good, solid lead after the first timed runs of almost 1.5s. That lead almost slipped away in the second timed runs. Richard finished the day on 38.51s with Allan Harvey on a 300cc KTM SX was second, just 0.15s adrift on 38.66s.

Sunday saw five bikes and riders. The top two were a repeat of the Saturday meeting but the margin slightly better Richard finished on 38.07s and Allan 38.60s.

Solo Motor Cycles 351cc to 500cc class

Glyn Poole on the 500cc Honda took a commanding lead on after the first timed run on Saturday. He was 1.5s ahead of the rest of the field and he improved that in the second timed run too. Glyn finished on 33.63s and Mike Tilley on his 491cc Honda CR on 35.46s.

On Sunday Glyn finished on 33.57s with Mike on 35.14s. Great performances by Glyn.

Solo Motor Cycles 501cc to 750cc class

This class brought some seriously quick bikes and talented riders to the hill. The top three in the class were the same both days. Tommy Hodges on the 613cc Team GV KTM took the win on Saturday with a 32.93s second timed run. Tom Short on another 613cc KTM was second on 33.10s, just 0.17s difference and Guy Ursell on another KTM, was third on 34.62s.

On Sunday Tom Short matched his Saturday time with a 33.10s. Tommy Hodges was just 0.11s behind on 33.21s and Guy Ursell on 34.48s.

Solo Motor Cycles 751cc to 1300cc class

The Goblin Motor Work Ducati Scrambler designed and built Ant Partridge joined this class for Saturday.

Stu Mills on his Aprilia Tuono V4 was fastest both days. Simon Gates on his Kawasaki was second. These two with Allan Jolly on his KTM were the top three on Saturday. On Sunday Matthew Moggridge on his Suzuki took third.

Saturday’s times were Stu Mills, 34.32s, Simon Gates, 35.11s and Allan Jolly 35.20s.

Sunday’s times were Stu Mills, 34.21s, Simon Gates, 34.81s and Matthew Moggeridge 34.48s.

Trike Class

Jon and Isaac Warren rode the Suzuki trike both days. Their best time of the weekend was Sunday with a 36.82s timed run.

Sidecar Class

There were five combinations in this class. The Foster’s on their 600cc Honda F2 won both days but they really had to work for it. The Keates on the 998cc Baker F1. On Saturday, the Fosters finished on 37.26s and the Keates, 37.57s. On Sunday, the Fosters finished on 37.11s and the Keates 37.60s.

The bikes will be back for both days in July. Why not come and join us?

Anthony Record – Press Officer – BARC SW, Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb