In case you hadn’t noticed we have our Anuial Awards Lunch on Saturday 13th October at the The Mercure White Hart Hotel, St John Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire. SP1 2SD – Noon for a 12:30. The dress code is smart casual.

There are a number of Annual Awards that are given in addition to the Meadens Skoka Gurston Down Championship, class and overall awards and the Cavendish Ships Store Top Ten Challenge.


Marsh Memorial Award – Nearest to the class record or broken by the most in the two June meetings – Mark Crookall

Corona Challenge Cup – Best Class Record Improvement – Mark Crookall

Heather Brampton Trophy – Highest Placed Lady in the Championship – Sue Hayes

Terence Tattam Memorial Trophy – Highest Placed Closed Car in the Championship – Phil Price

The Pitt Trophy – Highest Places Sports Libre Car in the Championship – Peter Steele

Dorchester Planning Consultancy Award – Best Position in Championhip without winning an Award – Richard Wood

Danny Dzenis

The Keith Salmon Award – Concours and Championship Position Combined – Roger Cock

The Parkhouse and Wyatt Award – Best Concours – Richie Gatt

Marsh and Masters Trophy – Best Championship Postion for Driver of Pensionable Age – Fryth Crosse

The Pitstop Trophy – Driver of the Season who hasn’t won an Annual Award – Jason Richardson

Penske Marsall of the Year – Allan Osgood

The John Forsyth Endeavour Award – Awarded on the Day

Stan Hunt Memorial Award – Awarded on the Day

The Cavendish Ships Store BARC SW Top Ten Challenge

1st Peter D Smith – Wins The Guards Trophy

2nd – Chris Cannell

3rd= – Paul Crute

3rd= – Richard Gaylard

The Meadens Skoda Gurston Down Championship – Overall

1stMark Crookall wins the Wadham Stringer / Brunton Trophy

2nd – Paul Dickinson

3rd – James Moore

The Meadens Skoda Gurston Down Championship – Class

Class 4a MX5 – Road Going Series Production MX5 Cars up to 2000cc

1st – Mark Crookall wins the Record-Designs Award

2nd – Jason Richardson

3rd – Chris Burch

Class 4a – Road Going Series Production Cars up to 1400cc

1st – David Nutland

Class 4b – Road Going Series Production Cars 1401cc to 2000cc

1st Paul Dickinson

2nd Tim Forster

Class 4c – Road Going Series Production Cars over 2000cc

1st – Shaun Fudge

2nd Jon Maycock

Class 4d – Road Going Specialist Production Cars

1st – Clive Skipper

Class 6 – Modified Production Marque Sports Cars over 2000cc

1st – Phil Price

2nd Graham Beale

Class 7 – Modified Productions Saloons Cars up to 1400cc

1st – Neil Turner

Class 9 – Modified Production Cars over 2000cc

1st – Tim Painter

Class 11 – Modified Specialist Production Cars

1st – Martin Watson

Class 13 – Historicially Interesting

1st – Fryth Crosse win the Keir and Cawder Quaich Award

Class 15a – Sports Libre up to 1400cc

1st – Peter Steele

Class 16 – Sports Libre over 2000cc

1st – Chris Cannell

Class 19 – Racing Cars 601cc to 1100cc

1st – James Moore win the Tom Elton Trophy

2nd – Murray Wakeham

Class 20 – Racing Car 1101cc to 1600cc

1st Peter D Smith win the A and S Racing Trophy

Class 21a – Racing Cars 1601cc to 2000cc – Normally Aspirated

1st – Roger Cock win the Chairmans Cup


Thank you to all the entrants who made our championships such successes and see you all at the Awards Lunch!

Anthony Record – Press Officer – Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb