The British Came as did some gorgeous weather.

The August bank holiday visit of the Avon Tyres / TTC Group MSA British Hill Climb Championship and the Avon Tyres / TTC Group MSA Hill Climb Leaders Championship saw some of the fastest cars vist the narrow, twisty and spectacularly fast Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb.

There were over 140 cars and drivers competing in everything from standard road cars, specially prepared hill climb cars and super fast sports and single seat racing cars.

Saturday’s practice day gave a taste of what was to come. There were some superb performances. But Saturday was only practice!

Darren Mitchell provided some excellent entertainment in the evening and we raised a good some of money for our charity, the Stars Appeal. Thank you to all those who gave so generously!

Sunday’s early morning practice showed promise with some interesting improving times. Timed runs got underway about 10:30. Fastest Time of the Day was settled later in the day, during one of the two top twelve run-offs. More on those later in the report.

Class Review in Detail:

The Porsche Club’s National Championship Class

The all 911 line-up in the Porsche National Championship class provided great action and a new class record. Peter Turnbull and his GT3 had a fantastic first timed run setting the pace for the class. His time and new class record was 34.02s. Paul Howells in his lovely RSR was second on 34.71s.

The Gurston Down MX5 Class supported by DoctorMX5

The hotly contested Mazda MX5 class was interesting. Julian Cox, the class sponsor, brought his Mk1 MX5 out for the first time this season and beat Nick Revels, Gurston’s competition secretary, in his Mk2 RS, finishing on 41.83s and 43.01s respectively. It will be interesting how this class pans out at the September meeting which class record holder Mark Crookall back.

Road Going Series Production Class up to 2000cc, supported by Record-Designs

Richard Brant and his 172 Clio Sport pretty much dominated this class from practice. His time in the first timed run of 38.50s gave him the class win and some very valuable points in the Hill Climb Leaders Championship. John Davey and his newly refreshed MG Midget can good after a bit of a slow start in practice. John finished second on 41.16s.

Over 2000cc Road Going Series Production Class, supported by Turbo Dynamics

Steven Darley and his highly modified Subaru Impreza took the class with an excellent 33.51s first timed run. Shaun Fudge and the Lewis Dean Motorsport Subaru Impreza came in second with 36.78s.

Road Going Specialist Production Class, supported by Fieldfare Trailer Centre

The Caterham 7 of Allan and David Warburton didn’t quite have an have it all their own way in this class. David finished first on 32.93s and Allan on 33.47s with Adrian Lewis’s Westfield Superbusa just over a second behind the leader.

The up to 1400cc Modified Series Production Car Class

Bradley Drowne won this class with an impressive second timed run of 37.18s, beating Andrew Russell and his Imp powered Ginetta G15 by just under a second. Andrew finishing on 38.10s.

The Modified Series Mini Class

Richard Wood and his beautifully presented 1000cc Yamaha power Mini had a great weekend. He pushed his personal best down to 38.09s on the first timed run but suffered induction temperature problems later in the day.

The 1401cc to 2000cc Modified Series Production Car Class

This class probably had two of the fastest modified Peugoet 205’s in the country competing for honours! Colin Satchell’s ultra-fast Peugeot 205 came and conquered! He stopped the clock on 33.79s. Darren Balster had a mountain he didn’t quite managed to climb. Darren improved his first timed run and finished on 34.42s.

Over 2000cc Modified Series Production Car Class, supported by Meadens Skoda

This class saw on of the biggest entries for some time. The entry brought some really quick and gorgeous cars to the hill. The former Gurston champion. Simon Purcell in his Lotus Elise had his work cut out to keep the other eight cars at bay! But it was Joe Cross’s day. Joe’s Subaru Impreza produced 32.47s on the second timed run, leaving Simon with second on 34.58s ahead of that lovely Aston Martin Vantage of Tim Painter. Joe’s time was a class record too!

The Modified Specialist Production Class, supported Gates of Brockenhurst

Simon Jenks and Caterham triumphed over Anthony Orchard’s Westfield in this class. Simon’s first timed run was a 31.20s. Anthony just couldn’t match that and stopped the clocks on 32.41s.

The Historically Interesting Class, supported by Kelvin Jouhar

Mike Broome’s lovely Alexis Mk17 F3 took the win in this class. But he didn’t have it all his own way. Sue Hayes and her Pallliser WDF3 was ahead by almost 1.5s after the first timed run. But Mike found some extra speed and finished on 36.83s with Sue, second, improving her first run finishing on 37.42s.

The Sports Libre up to 2000cc, supported by Class Lewis Property Services

Keith Diggle’s WEV HCS-BDG shone in this class, with a first timed run of 31.79s. Peter Steel and his Mallock was second on 35.49s.

Sports Libre over 2000cc Class, supported by Berazzi Wheels

Allan McDonald and his Mini Evo had the class to himself after Sue Hayes switched cars and classes. Allan’s second timed run of 30.37s was a great improvement on the posted time on the first run of 35.36s.

The 601cc to 1100cc Racing Car Class, supported by Drynham Project Management

With 18 drivers entered in this class it was always going to be right down to hundredths of a second to settle the class. The first four drivers all managed sub-30s runs and just 0.13s separated them. Steve Owen and his OMS 28 had to work hard for his win, his first timed run was 29.78s just 0.03s ahead of second place man Harry Pick! Harry’s time was 29.81s. Third place went to Debbie Dunbar and fourth to Jack Cottrill. They finished on 29.85s and 29.91 respectively.

The Formula Ford Class- Cars up to 1600cc

Simon McBeath, the current class record holder, put himself in a very strong position in this class after a first timed run of 36.55s. Simon and his Swift SC92F were 0.55s ahead of his nearest competition after that run. Simon Andrews (Van Diemen – 37.10s) and Mark Alley (Swift FB91 – 37.33s) were second and third respectively after run one. The top four were split by 0.90s. However, it all changed in the second timed run. A great performance by Russell Haynes and his Zeus ZR163, took him from fourth to second. The finishing order being Simon McBeath 36.55s, Russell Haynes 39.10s, Simon Andrews 37.10s and Mark Alley 37.33s.

1101cc to 1600cc Racing Car Class, supported by SM AeRoTechniques with Brian and Adrian Moody

The lead in this class changed between the first and second timed run. After the first timed run Richard Speeding and his GWR Raptor was ahead by a good margin. His 28.52s run was over half a second quicker than his next two fastest rivals, Sean Gould and Tina Hawkes. But it wasn’t to be Richard’s day. Sean Gould and the Gould GR59 improved his time and pipped Rochard by just one hundredth of a second stopping the clock on 28.51s. Victory to Sean Gould by the slimmest of margins. Tina Hawkes and her Force PC finished third on 29.21s.

The 1601cc to 2000cc Racing Car Class – Normally Aspirated

Tim Elmer and his Dallarra F399 was the only sub-30s runner after the first timed run. His time was over half a second clear of Terry Davis and his OMS. Tim’s time of 29.75s looked like it was going to be a tough one to beat. It was! Tim Davies chopped a whopping 1.5s off his first timed run which relegated Terry to third. The final finishing order: Tim Elmer 29.75s; Tim Davies 29.94s and Terry Davis 30.34s.

The 1601cc to 2000cc Racing Car Class – Forced Induction

Paul Haimes’ revitalised Gould GR59 pretty much took control of this class from the outset. Paul’s first timed run of 27.58s was only surpassed by his second of 27.49s, leaving almost a second between the class winner and second in class man, Lee Griffiths. Lee’s first timed run of 28.35s kept the other challengers away.

The Over 2000cc Racing Car Class

The first timed runs were delayed after an incident involving Alex Summers and his DJ Firestorm. Alex got a little out of shape around Hollow bend. He says that he’ll be back next May with a few new wishbones. Fitted to the car, not Alex!

The class eventually went to Wallace Menzies and the Gould GR59-M, finishing on 26.48s. However, after the first timed run, Wallace was in fourth place behind Trevor Willis, Will Hall and Jason Mourant. The final results was Wallace Menzies Gould GR59-M 26.48s, Trevor Willis OMS 28 26.51s, Will Hall Force WH-XTEC 26.53s and Jason Mourant Gould GR 55 26.75s. The rest of the class just couldn’t match the pace of the first four with Jason a whole second clear of fifth.

SBD HSA – Speed Championship – Saloons and Sports Cars Class

The HSA championship had an eclectic group of cars competing. It was Jason Tunnicliffe and his Peugeot 205 won after a great first timed run of 34.48s. Jason had more than a second lead over the Raw Striker of James Roberts and the Westfield Megabusa of John Phelps. James did improve his first timed run by one second but it wasn’t enough. He stopped the clock on 34.94s. John was third on 35.61s.

The BARC South West B Licence Class

Martin Watson’ and his Westfield pretty much dominated this class. His first timed run of 34.39s gave him an almost three second margin over Peter Leggett and his Westfield.

Then came the top twelve run-off

Run-Off One – Round 27 of the British Hill Climb Championship

Will Hall and the Force WH-XTEC put in a great performance. Will’s 26.01s run won the first run off and Fastest Time of the Day! Trevor Willis, Jason Mourant , Wallace Menzies and Paul Haines were second, third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Run-Off One – Round 28 of the British Hill Climb Championship

The second run-off saw the top four from the first run-off reversed. Wallace Menzies and the Gould GR59-M won with a 26.07s; Jason Mourant second on 26.62s; Trevor Willis third on 26.63s and Will Hall fourth on 27.07s.


We would like to thank everyone who made the day possible, the office staff, the marshals, timekeepers, scrutineers and officials without whom we couldn’t run the meeting. Thanks to Ashley Wood Recovery, TSL Timing, Steve Lister, Insight Medical Services, Insight Security and Peter Crutcher from Ringwood PA.

Anthony Record – Press Officer Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb – BARC SW