Please read the supplementary regulations for the July, August and September meetings when they come on-line.


Trailers must not be parked in the Camping Area. Flat ground in the camping area is at a premium. A map has been attached for your information.

Camper and Tents:

After the rather chaotic camping area at the May meeting we have reviewed camping area Fire Safety. When you park your camper or set-up your tent, please make sure there is enough access for the Fire Service to get around our site. This is for your own safety!

Camping Fees are required to be paid at Sign-On. We donate all of the camping fees to the local village of Broad Chalke!

Dogs (and other animals):

As you probably know, Gurston Down has one of the best shoots in the country. During the later part of the year, birds are let out into the area around the hill. As a consequence we have been required to make the following restrictions:

Dogs: July Event: Dogs are permitted in the camping area ONLY, they must be kept on the lead at all times.

August and September Events dogs are NOT Permitted.

During last season our Landlord asked a dog owner to keep their dog under control in an open area near some of the areas where the birds are and was greeted with a less than polite response. A total ban was almost imposed but we managed to negotitate these arrangements!