The Tony Marsh Memorial Weekend was just for cars. We saw a maximum entry of motorbikes and combinations (sidecars) at Gurston Down on both days!


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The motorbikes are divided into classes just like the cars and at Sunday’s meeting there was a Top Ten Run-off.


Saturday’s weather was great day for Gurston Down. The weather wasn’t too warm but the course soon warmed up producing some spectacular performances.

The solo motorbikes were up first:

In the 100cc to 250cc class there were three riders competing for the glory. Alex Warren on his Yamaha (250cc), took the lead in the first timed run but couldn’t improve his first run time of 42.31s. But that was good enough to take the win. Issac Warren’s 125cc Suzuki was on good form and posted a 45.75cc.


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The 351cc to 500cc class had seven riders on Saturday. Chris Keates and his Honda took the honours with a 36.29s. Mike Tilley on another Honda took second but was only 0.48s behind, Chris. It could so easily have gone the other way.


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The eleven riders in the 501cc to 750cc class had five of the top ten riders from last year’s championship. Tommy Hodges switched classes and took the win and posted the second fastest time of the day with a 34.05s run. Tom. Peter and Mark Short had to settle for second (34.51s), third (35.07s) and forth (35.53s) respectively. There was just one second between the top three!


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Paul Jeffery on his gorgeous KTM took the 751cc to 1300cc class with a 33.94s and Fastest Time of the Day. Stuart Mills (Aprilia) was second with a 34.75s run but he couldn’t match Paul’s pace.


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The Sidecar Class was fantastic to watch! Pat and Paul Keates and their Baker F1 won with a 36.80s second run after lying third after the first run, behind the DDS Aprillia and the Suzuki Hayabusa Trike!


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Fastest Time of the Day went to Paul Jeffery with his class winning 33.94s.


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Sunday’s weather wasn’t as the weather men had predicted earlier in the week. The motorbikes had their first runs on a damp course. It had drizzled for sometime before they took their runs.

The solo motorbikes went first:

It was all change in the 100cc to 250cc class. None of Saturday’s riders were competing. Glyn Poole and his Honda are the class record holders on 34.08s took the win with a very respectable 36.21s.


The 351cc to 500cc class had just five riders on Sunday. Mike Tilley overcame Saturday’s winner on his Honda, posting a 36.47s. Just one hundredth of a second behind was Chris Keates and his Honda!


The eleven riders in the 501cc to 750cc class was another close battle! Tom Short in his Husaberg edging Saturday’s winner, Tommy Hodges in to second. Tom time was 34.14s and Tommy’s 34.24s. Tommy was 0.30 ahead after the first run. Less than three quarters of a second separated the top three!


Paul Jeffery couldn’t make it two wins in a row on his KTM. Stuart Mills took the 751cc to 1300cc class with a 34.46s. Paul managed to pull sometime back after the first timed run but he couldn’t match Stuart’s time.


It was all change in the Sidecar Class on Sunday. Sam Matthewman and Mark Christian’s 37.23s on the Suzuki Hayabusa, pushed the Alex and Issac Warran trike and Saturday’s winners, Pat and Paul Keates into second and third respectively.


Check the Video Gallery – On-Board Section for one of Sam and Mark’s runs on the Trike!

The Top Ten Run-off was next up. With championship points at stake, the racing was close. Tommy Hodges took the win with a Fastest Time of the Day run 34.02s. The next three were less than a second behind him!


There will be more on-board video posted in the Video Gallery soon!

Anthony Record – Gurston Down Press Officer – BARC SW