Here’s a friendly reminder that there are a number of rule changes that came into effect at the beginning of the year. So here goes:

Page 343 of The Blue Book gives details of the Technical Regulations For Sprint and Hillclimb Vehicles. Section 10.1.11 states that Hill Climb Super Sports Cars, Sports Libre Cars and Racing Cars MUST be equipped with a currently homologated FIA saftey harness complying with K 2.1.3 or K 2.1.4. They need to be in-date!

In addition all competitors MUST wear head restraints – FHR or a Hans Device. The ONLY exceptions are cars running in Standard Road Going Classes, pre 1977 cars and period defined category vehicles. Again, if in doubt read the Blue Book or contact a local scrutineer. Remember you may need to buy a new helmet.

Helmet standard BS6658-A-FR is no longer approved for motor sport

All of these regulations, and many more, can be found in the Blue Book. Where there is a rule change these are highlighted in red.