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We have Motorbikes and Combinations at Gurston Down five times a year. How much do you know about Gurston Down at the motorbikes?


Motorbikes at Gurston Down

This quiz is for all those motorbike fans...

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Who runs the motorbikes at Gurston Down?

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Patrick and Peter Keates used to hold the side car record at Gurston. Who holds it now?

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Who is rider No 825?

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Goblin Works Garage brought what make of bike to Gurston Down?

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Who are this pair riding the Baker F1?

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Who is riding this bike through Karousel?

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Who holds the out-right hill record for a solo motorbike?

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Who is this?

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These two, Ian Guy and Steve English, hold the class record for side cars on their LCR Suzuki. What is the current class record?

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Who is this? He wasn't hurt, other than his pride!

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What is the hill record for a solo motorbike? It has stood since June 2012. (sorry no clue as to the rider as that's another question)

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Who is this competing in April 2019?

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