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In the 2020 Turbo Dynamics Gurston Down Championship, what is special about the September meeting?

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Who is the current Gurston Down Champion?

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According to the MSUK's Blue Book for 2020, what is the maximum cc allowed in the Standard Car Class?

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Are twin wheels permitted on an open wheel single seater racing cars?

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Who holds the Isle of Wight Motor Club record at Gurston Down?

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What is the current class record for the Road Going Series Production Cars up to 2000cc (Road Cars Series Production) - A Licence (RS Interclub) AND who holds it?

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The TV Show Fifth Gear came to Gurston Down. What car did they bring?

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This is Allan McDonald's Mini Evo. Are there any parts from an orginial Mini on the car?

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What was Steve Small's (TR7V8) time at Gurston Down in April 2019? (to the nearest second)

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In the 2020 MSUK Blue Book. Which section cover Hill Climbs? It's called "Sprints, Hill Climbs and Drag Racing"

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The up to 1400cc Sports Libre Class record is held by Tim Pitfield, but in what car?

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Who is this trying a new approach to Ashes? (He wasn't hurt, other than his pride 😉 )

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Can you use an open faced helmet in an open car?

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What is the target time for the Road Going Series Production Cars up to 1400cc (Road Cars Series Production up to 1400cc)?

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Who is this in the 1601cc to 2000cc Racing Car Class?

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